Real estate is a cyclical, constantly changing business with certain inherent inefficiencies. As an entrepreneurial firm, we embrace change because it creates opportunities for new investment.

Our investment objective is to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns by: effectively fostering and managing change; anticipating inflections in the market cycle; adhering to a value-oriented investment discipline and employing our development and operating skills to optimize value.

Generally, the properties we seek to acquire fit the following parameters:

• Properties in gentrifying or growing sub-markets;

• Properties that are well-located with sound real estate fundamentals;

• Properties offering compelling “value-add” potential through the effective management of entitlement,

  development, renovation, repositioning, releasing or adaptive re-use risk; and

• Properties that possess a sustainable competitive advantage.

Additionally, our investment approach is guided by the following tenets:

Regional Focus
The Washington Metropolitan Area is where we concentrate our business activities. It is where our principals have been successful for over five decades. Our experience, gained through multiple real estate cycles, gives us the market insight and relationship network to be highly effective in sourcing and executing transactions.

Flexible, Sector Independent
Our ability to pursue a diverse mix of opportunities without being confined to a single sector or product type is a unique strength of our firm. Having this flexibility enables us to invest opportunistically and be responsive to changing conditions in the marketplace. Our agility and independence allows us to remain diversified and active throughout all stages of the real estate cycle.

Hands-On Management
We are highly selective in the projects we undertake, ensuring hands-on involvement by the principals of the firm. This allows us to concentrate on important details and proactively manage risk.

Disciplined Underwriting
While entrepreneurial in seeking opportunity, we are disciplined and thorough in our approach to evaluating potential investments. All transactions are underpinned by realistic underwriting assumptions, rigorous due diligence and a careful analysis of “downside” risks. From this process, detailed business plans with well-defined exit strategies are prepared and implemented in managing all investments.